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W. Tombling Ltd.

Wembley House
Dozens Bank
West Pinchbeck
PE11 3ND

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About W. Tombling Ltd

W. Tombling Ltd is a manufacturer of electrical heaters, polythene ducting, air coolers and fans for use in commercial premises such as factories, warehouses, workshops etc.

We also import and distribute specialist hvac products from several European and American manufacturers.

From our base in Spalding, Lincolnshire, UK we deliver worldwide to HVAC and electrical distributors, contractors and installers.

We welcome orders from end users, however we do not design or install complete systems. End users are supplied on the understanding they are solely responsible for the design and installation of their system.

W. Tombling Ltd only supplies businesses, unfortunately we are unable to supply the general public.

A brief history of W. Tombling Ltd

1927 -  William Tombling opened an ironmongers store in Spalding, Lincolnshire, UK. Within a few years he started designing and installing domestic and industrial heating systems. The business grew quickly and electrical contracting was added to the services offered.

1958 - 12th March Tombling's became a limited company - W. Tombling Ltd - registration number UK 600370.

1967 -  W Tombling Ltd purchased Activair Ltd, and with it the rights to Activair polythene ducting. Originally used in commercial glasshouses the ducts rapidly became popular in commercial buildings with large open ceilings.

1980 -  W Tombling Ltd stopped heating and electrical contracting to concentrate on manufacturing and supplying equipment to the UK HVAC trades. 

1990 -  W Tombling Ltd introduced its first electronic thermostat, designed for use in demanding environments they were popular in glasshouses where high temperatures and humidity levels are a problem.

2000 - Tombling's first website. Customers had immediate access to information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Email allowed easy communication irrespective of time differences, as a result export orders increased rapidly.

2002 - Tombling's celebrates 75 years of business. With the continued growth of export orders a new website was created to support our international customers. The new site was much bigger providing more information and on-line ordering for account holders.

2003 -  ventilation fans and evaporative coolers were added to our range.

2004 - Heavy duty industrial fan heaters designed for use offshore, in corrosive environments, in high temperatures, and in area's where dust presents a risk of fire, were added.

2006 - We are moving to a new purpose built building, at last the sales office, warehouse and workshop will at last be on the same site! With over 4 times the storage capacity, more products will be available for immediate delivery. While a new computer system will allow next day delivery of stock items ordered before lunchtime.

Many new products are being introduced, including new ranges of air curtains and infrared heaters. New models are being added to the portable and wall mounted fan heater ranges increasing outputs up to 30kw.

The Present

Thousands of miles of Activair perforated polythene ducting and hundreds of Activair electronic thermostats and electrical fan heaters are in use throughout the world.

All deliveries are made direct from our UK base. Using international carriers we are able to deliver to most parts of the world within 10 days. Large stocks of raw materials ensure most orders are dispatched within 5 working days.

Tombling's continues to offer quality, value for money and service backed with over 75 years of experience.

Copyright 2003/6, W. Tombling Ltd.